iPad Order Entry – ProSel®

ProSel® is an order entry automation application for the iPad and iPad Mini. It’s available to all qualified HLA retailers.

ProSel® contains HLA’s entire item catalogue and images for many of our items and it searches it fast and allows you to filter your items search by NACS category, brand, group, etc.,.

Handle orders, returns, and substitutes, ordering by tapping an image, ordering via order guides and much more.

Build orders quickly using your own order history.

ProSel® orders go directly to HLA.

Build your orders and search items offline.

Bluetooth scanning of both UPCs and self-tags to build your orders.

In addition to ordering, all HLA promotional materials such as specials and new items are also stored in the app for easy viewing and content management.

Easy an intuitive to use and requires virtually no training.

Maintains your entire order log of all your past orders.

Runs on iOS 7 or higher.

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Available Manuals, Forms and More

iPhone/Android Smartphone Order Entry – OrderShark™

Scan UPCs and self-tags or enter item numbers to build orders.  Scans using the phone’s camera.  No extra hardware required.

Enter order comments with your orders.

Review, edit, and copy previous orders to build new orders.

Use a separate Bluetooth hand held scanner if you prefer (not required).

Email copies of orders sent to HLA.

Easy to use and requires no training.

Build your orders offline and from anywhere.

Runs on your smartphone and requires only .5 gigs of memory and fully installs in seconds.

Send orders directly to HLA from your phone.

Place orders for one store or many different stores using the same app.

Runs of iOS 7 or higher and Android Ice Cream or higher.

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Questions ? email us at ordershark@hladistributors.com

Rugged Handheld Order Entry – ACE™

Scan barcodes or enter item numbers to build orders or search by for items by alpha description.

Rugged and durable computer hardware with integrated scanner.

Runs on the DataLogic Memor mobile computer (seen pictured).

Browse the entire HLA item catalogue with quick progressive search capability.

Review and edit orders before you send.

Copy previous orders.

View pre-books and future orders

A Computer with internet connection is required to send orders.

Contact your HLA sales rep to learn more about ACE™.

Click here for instructions on how to set up your device!

Web Ordering

OrderOasis is our ordering system that allows our customers to place orders online.
Compatible with all major Internet browsers allowing customers to place orders Online ANYTIME from ANYWHERE.

Login to view order history, custom reports including AR history.
Progressive search functionality by item description, brand, make, category, product code or number; auto correct misspelled words.
Mobile friendly

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For more information, please contact our IT Department at 631-393-3660