Say No To BanSay NO to the Menthol Ban!

Take Action NYC & 5 BOROUGHS!

  1. Contact the legislators below and tell them why you oppose this ban!
  2. Use our Talking Points below to help guide the conversation
  3. Go to the Own It. Voice It. Website to find out more information how your voice can be heard.

Details and Supporting Documentation

Retailer Talking Points

Please vote against a ban on flavored tobacco products

  • My store is in your district and I’m a responsible retailer – I check all ID’s when customers buy cigarettes
  • A ban on menthol cigarettes will devastate my business.
  • Tobacco sales account for more than 40% of my sales.  If this goes away, I’ll be forced to layoff employees and raise prices on other staple products – milk, bread, eggs, etc. – that is if my business is even going to survive.
  • I’m extremely concerned that if a ban on menthol cigarettes passes I’ll go out of business.  Why?  Because my customers will simply go down the road a short distance outside of the city to purchase tobacco, along with many other products.
  • A flavor ban will simply shift my sales to a neighboring retailer.

New York City Council Members

Council email addresses

Say NO to the ban!