NJ Tobacco Tax Hike

Talking Points

Raising cigarette taxes actually hurts the economy:

  • Total state tax paid cigarette sales decline -2.7% over last 10 years as multiple tax levies have been excised
  • Weaken Economic Growth – Cigarette Excise Tax increases missed revenue projections by 85%
  • Harms Retailers – 2,320 Retailer businesses impacted by Excise Tax increases
  • Burdens Low-income earners – Government taxes and fees on cigarettes affects over 10.5% of local low-income households
  • Increases Illegal Smuggling – $937 Potential annual savings for pack-a-day adult smoker traveling to a neighboring state to buy their cigarettes instead of keeping the purchase in-state.
  • The tax increase expectation will cost the state a net $47 million, a 7% decline in revenue, as legal paid sales plummet in favor of other options, such as buying smuggled smokes

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